Cornelius Ladd Writer/Producer/Musician

Born in Dayton Ohio, Cornelius started his producing career in the music business as a music writer/producer. He secured his first staff position with Alpha International Records/BMG, there he produced national artists. Later he secured a position in New York City, with Hush Productions as a staff producer. He has produced for CBS, Sony, Motown, Epic, Capitol and other record labels and has written several hit songs.

He currently has a film on Direct TV, “The Seedling,” that he produced and co-wrote, and which just got licensed for a further 3-year cycle. It is going out to over 35 million homes across the planet.

He has several features in development including a true-life story about a serial killer’s remarkable journey to redemption, which is garnering a lot of interest. Several of his screenplays have been optioned.

Illumination Light Production’s mission is to entertain and enlighten with thought-provoking and soul-searching media projects that are powerful and unique.


Jacqueline Ann Finch – Actress/Writer/Producer

Jacqueline Ann Finch is British, classically trained on the English stage, and has worked in the theater on both coasts. Her credits include the Oscar Nominated film “Little Dorrit,” starring Alex Guinness and Dereck Jacobi, and the second lead VO in the award-winning video game “Tachyon the Fringe.”

She has been in Los Angeles as a permanent resident for many years. Recently, she became American Citizenship.  She has played both British and American roles.

“The Seedling,” a film she wrote and stars in premiered on Direct TV, April 14th, 2017. It has just been picked up for a further three-year period and is available for up to 35 million homes in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Watch the trailer at www.theseedlingmovie.com/trailer

You can check out a private link to the full film at http://theseedlingmovie.com/film/

The Seedling also screened at the Cannes International film festival. The film also had a stand-alone screening at the prestigious La Femme Film Festival here in LA.  It was screened at the British Academy Short Film Festival and LA-IMIS two day International summit of world films and music at the LA Convention Center with a Q & A panel afterward.

The 1st novel in the Audiobook series that she narrated, Volonians: Mysteries of the Vandercrat by Carlos Hardy and Christopher Edwards, went to No. 1 on the Amazon bestseller list. It is a Harry Potteresque but set on another planet where magic and the battle between light and dark are the order of the day.

She recently recorded the role of “Hedda Gabler” in a classical masterworks radio/cyber production directed by Gregory Friedkin, (the son of the famous writer William Friedkin,) and has been cast as an FBI agent in the Indie film “Last Chance.”


She also has scripts and other projects that have been written for her that are in development through Illumination Light Productions.  Such as the female lead in the physiological/sci-fi thriller called “Interview with the Devil.”  Her screenplay, a Film Noir set in Georgia, is represented by Metropolitan Talent Agency.

Her artistic abilities have led her into other areas such as music, where she has just released her second CD of world/lounge music entitled, “Chocolate Box,” under the artist name of PheeLion.  It is available on Pandora/Itunes and other digital platforms, and she just signed a music publishing deal.  Also, she is creating and developing a unique video game called “The Arrival.”


Theatrical Representation: The Jerry Pace Agency Tel: 818-501-8919

Commercial representation: Jana Luker Agency Tel: 310-441-2822

Voice-over Representation: Idiom Talent Tel:  1-888-800-8070 Ext 1
Literary agent:  Cary Kozlov Metropolitan Talent Agency   Tel:

Lynelle D. Ladd

Lynelle Ladd (Producer/Writer/Manager)

A Business & Marketing Major  and co-partner in Illumination Light Productions is also a Producer and Co-Author of Last Chance and Interview with the Devil.  She was also Producer on “The Seedling” short film.

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